Established in 1985, Richard Piemonte Design Associates of Brookville, New York has long been known for creating sophisticated, dramatic and elegant residential interiors.
With clients in New York, Florida, California, Arizona and Colorado, Richard has garnered a reputation for his commitment to quality and attention to detail, whether it's an opluent traditional look or the cleaner lines of contemporary style.
Richard enjoys the benefit of longstanding relationships with an expert team of architects, lighting specialists, landscape designers, and cabinet / drapery / furniture makers, allowing him to offer his clients full professional services from preconstruction and space planning to final accessorizing ...in all styles of design and decor.
Our "boutique operation" is founded on the premise that good design starts with the client.
We give very personalized service that recognizes the importance of giving their ideas and desires our full attention.
Every design project, large or small, is a blank canvas where, together with our clients, we paint a portrait of who they are or who they wish to be... a space you'll love to enter and won't want to leave.





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Richard Piemonte

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